Laser Camera Data Sheet

Please take the time to answer as many questions as you can, this will enable us to make you the highest possible offer.

Your Name

Your Email Address

Facility Or Company Name

Phone Number

Fax Number


Date Of Manufacture


What Is Film Size

Number Of Inputs

How Many Inputs Are Analog, How Many Are Digital

How Many Keypads Do You Have

How Many Megabytes Of Memory Does The system Have

Number Of KEIBS (Keypad Interface Boards)

Number Of DIEBS (Digital Interface Boards)

Number Of VIEBS (Video Interface Boards)

Does The System Have A Send And Receive Magazine

Does The System Have A MMU (Multi Modality Image Manager)

Is There A Docking unit

Is There A Processor Included  

Please List The Imaging Systems Interfaced To This Camera, Include Make And Model


When Is The System Available For Removal

When Do You Need An Offer By

 Who Is Servicing The System

On A Scale Of 1 To 10, Please Rate The Cosmetic Condition

Do Any Walls Have To be Removed To Get The System De-installed

Is There A Loading Dock At Your Facility

Asking Price

Any Additional Comments Or Accessories